By Atim Pamela

Arua court today awarded the MP of Arua Ibrahim Abiriga costs of over 40 million following the parliamentary election petition no 3 of 2016 filed by Musema Mudasiri Bruce.

The petition which was dismissed without costs on either sides at the lower court on 24th June 2016 left Musema unsatisfied which prompted him to file an appeal at the court of appeal.

The appellate court dismissed the petition with costs awarded to Ibrahim Abiriga. Sebuufu Sam is Abiriga’s lawyer.

The taxation hearing which was done exparte made Musema feel cheated.

According to him, he informed the court in writing that his lawyer was sick and sought for an adjournment but the court registrar said that Musema should have appeared in person to explain the absence of his lawyer.

Abiriga’s lawyer Sebuufu Sam initially summed up 63m for instruction fee minus other costs which he argued that the petition involved complex and serious points of law and facts which required extensive research but the registrar said the reasonable fee was 27m shillings. The bill of costs was taxed and allowed. End