A new gang that calls itself the fire eaters is reportedly terrorizing residents of Oli Division in Arua Municipality.

The Local Council officials are accusing the police of releasing a leader of the gang after he was apprehended by the residents.

The pending insecurity concerns by criminal gangs in ROD have continued to worry residents.

According to Asara Night, a counselor in AHD, the police & other security personnel have underestimated the threats paused by a gang codenamed Fire Eaters in Arua town.

This gang is said to beat & rob people of their property in several parts of Arua town.

The LC 3 chairperson of ROD Muzheid Khemis says the fire eaters have been terrorizing residents at Smash round about along Lemirijoa road and have shifted to Baruku cell.

The fire eaters are believed to be the criminal gang behind the loss of a dead body in Arua Regional Referral Hospital early this year. The police is yet to commend on the matter. End