March 10, 2017.

The Adjumani woman Member of Parliament Ababiku Jesca has said the invisible hands of god fathers and god mothers will not be entertained in the implementation of Uganda Women Entrepreneurship program (UWEP) stressing that groups shall be technically appraised and selected on merit.

Ababiku requested elected leaders not to politicize UWEP but rather concentrate on their oversight roles to ensure the program succeeds to the benefit of the poor rural women.

The woman MP who was today (Friday, March 10, 2017) consulting women leaders and officials of community development sector, affirms that UWEP program is unique and therefore needs a special attention so that funds are quickly absorbed to avoid returning the funds to the Centre.

Ababiku suggested that all those groups who have variously benefitted from the previous government programs should pave way for groups that did not benefit from any government

She tasked the office of the Chief Administrative Officer to build a data base for beneficiaries of government programs so that it will be easier to establish how much government has invested in the communities.

The focal point person Uganda Women Entrepreneurship program (UWEP) Josephine Dipio informed the consultation that Adjumani district has received shs 283m and the sensitization of the various stakeholders has been completed.

Dipio says though the district is behind schedule she is quite confident the project will succeed while blaming the notorious integrated financial management system (IFMS) that delayed the processing of requisition for money for two months stalling implementation of the program.

The chairperson Adjumani women council Ondoa Tereza has called for the involvement of women leaders at all levels but advised the leaders to restrict themselves to performing their role of monitoring without conflicting with the technical team.

About 100 groups will tentatively benefit from the program pending the conducting of beneficiary selection meaning each sub county will have 10 groups.

Some leaders here have hailed the government for the lucrative program but others are viewing it with a lot of concern as Adjumani district has been suspended from the Youth Livelihood program due to failure to recover funds. End.