John Dibaba

Arua district council has approved a budget of 73 billion shillings of recurrent and development for the next financial year 2017 2018. 76% of this money is expected to be realized from central government transfers, 22% donor support and 0.8% local revenue.

Sabo Kamilo the secretary of finance says the increment in the budget will improve service delivery. “The district is looking for all possible ways to increase on the budget yearly to improve on the services. As a district we are going to embark on barazas to sensitize the communities.”

9.9 billion shillings of this budget is expected to be transferred to the sub counties.

Wena Bayo the chairman of finance urges the sub counties to improve on their local revenue collections to supplement the district transfer. “Our budget is small what we can do is too increase on our local revenue such that we can be able to meet the demands of the increasing population”.

Technical services are not contented with the portion apportioned to them. Boniface Alioni sits in the works committee of the district.

”We were given about to 1.2 billion shillings which can’t be enough for the over 600km road network. That’s why we want to hand over some of the roads to be managed by UNRA.”

Luiji Candini councilor of Arivu who sits under finance committee stressed that the budget can’t sufficiently meet the demands of the over 700,000 population.

“This money that looks big is mainly for the salary of the civil servants it can’t meet the needs of the population”.

There is a slight increment in the budget of next financial year by about 9 billion shillings compared to the current financial year. End