Abiria May Grace

Arua municipal council has approved a budget of over sixteen billion shillings for the financial year 2017/18.

The chairman of Finance Planning Administration and Community Services Hon Dradebo Fadul sighted the revenue sources and anticipated receipt for financing this budget as follows; local revenue two billion five hundred and forty three million shillings, discretion government transfers six billion nine hundred and eighty seven million shillings, conditional government transfers seven billion thirty nine million shillings and other government transfers three hundred forty two million shillings.

While debating the committee reports, the chairman for Technical and works committee Hon Onzima Rashid noted with concern the issues surrounding the operations of the youth livelihood program which generated a heated debate in the house.

Hon Jackson Dratibi the secretary for Finance Planning Administration and Community services says there is need for the community development office-CDO to involve the finance committee which the CDO has planned to implement the coming financial year 2017/18.

The town clerk Andrew Otim Kibweta told the house that the principal CDO has also been in-charge of USMID projects thereby probably taking more of her time that could have equally been used on youth livelihood programme and the projects targeting women. Otim however says they will sit with the CDO to harmonize the problem.

The Mayor Alhaji Issa Kato hopes at the end of the coming financial plans that have been made will be achieved.

The mayor also urged the councilors and the technocrats to corporate with the town clerk as they will implement the budget. END