By Peter Aligo

Students of Saint Charles Lwanga College Koboko on 12th July 2017 became rowdy as they rioted saying the head teacher Mr Odeba Nicholas is corrupt.

Mr Candiga Boniface the vice BOG chairperson of BOG of the school said this incident made them to rush to the school and after meeting with the school administration, they proceeded to meet with the students in order to share with them what they had agreed with the school administration.

He said when they were talking to the students, they were calm because they were going for lunch by then but immediately after lunch the students became rowdy again.

The head teacher of the school Mr Odeba Nicholas explained that what happened was that, a group of students about one hundred and fifty came by his office. That when he saw them, he came out to ask them if somebody had invited them for an assembly, they kept quiet.

Odeba said, he also asked if there was something wrong, they all kept quiet again but some of the students turned their mouths away and started shouting corruption and pointing that he was corrupt.

He then told them that if he is corrupt, they are free to take him to the police and give police the evidence to show that he is corrupt.

Odeba said from the students all started retreating and shouting.

Mr Wai Jagamulai the senior inspector of schools for Koboko district says strikes in schools are bad because they lessen the time for teachers to use for teaching and learning saying this will create a lot of loss on the learners.

The district police commander for Koboko Mr. Ampaire Brian said when they went to the school they found the situation was not okay and then they engaged the administrations and held three meetings where they met with the students.

He says the students presented some issues saying things were not moving well.

The students said there is an improvement in the quality of food cooked for them but the size is small.

They also said the relationship with management is not okay and that teachers’ morale for teaching is low as if they are not well paid.

According to Ampaire, they tried to engage the students on what to do but they found they could not come in line following what they presented to them forcing them to send the students home.

However the date for the students to return back to school is not yet known. END.