By Maurice Eriku

A local NGO working in West Nile has appealed to government to boost ICT infrastructure in Primary schools.

According to Katuramu Edward, the technical field officer of Aghakhan Foundation-West Nile, the 3-year E-learning project they are implementing under the RTL program is yielding results and thus needs to be replicated.

He says it’s a pilot project and the major aim is to improve education particularly in primary schools in the West Nile region.

The project is aimed at improving the reading and writing skills of the pupils in primary schools.

Meanwhile Drapari Justin, the technical support teacher heading the E-learning program in Omugo Primary School in Terego County affirms that the ICT program has greatly improved learner retention. He says the program has boosted the interest of the learners because the method of teaching and therefore it has improved literacy levels among the pupils.

But Drapari cites the limited number of the ICT equipment compared to the learner population as a major challenge.

Under the RTL program, 20 selected primary schools in West Nile received 10 laptops and 10 tablets each and a projector powered by a complete solar system from Aghakhan Foundation with funding from Dubai-Care to aide learning in rural primary schools in West Nile. END