By John Dibaba

Services in health center IVs   in Arua district are expected to improve with the support of Infectious Disease institute-IDI.

IDI a partner in health service delivery replaced Baylor Uganda last year and they have pledged to construct laboratories, renovate health facilities and install power in all the health Centre fours in Arua district.

Edward Vuni a public health officer with IDI says the organization is ready to take up the task of fixing the gaps that were identified and they are committed to working with the district leaders so as to improve service delivery in Arua district.

Omugo health Centre four in Terego is readily waiting for the boost. Dr. Tabu Geoffrey the in-charge of the health facility says the have already demolished the condemned structures at the health Centre to create enough space for the new constructions to take place.

George Angupale the in-charge of Rhinocamp health center four believes the boost by IDI will reduce on the cases of referrals that have been common yet they could be minimized. He hopes that surgeries and blood banking will also be functional in the new structure.

Genesis Acema the district secretary for social services says the support provided by IDI will equally benefit the south Sudanese refugees living in the camps especially in Rhino camp.

Over 60 million shillings will be used by Infectious Disease institute-IDI to improve health services in the four health centers of Rhinocamp, Adumi, Omugo and Oli in Arua district. End