By Pamela Atim & Habiba Andru

Ayungarach Patrick who was sentenced to time spent on remand was set free by the high court judge.

It is said that Ayungarach on 12th August 2012 in Nebbi district defiled a girl under the age of 14.

The defilement victim testified in court that on that fateful day, she was on her way to buy eggplants but she met the accused who held her by the throat, pushed her down and defiled her.

The accused in his defense said that on that day at around 6pm, as he was riding a motorcycle, he came across the victim who was in company of other girls but he had no interaction with her.

He cited the grudge between his father and the victim’s father. However, the brother of the victim who testified in court said that he arrived at the scene called out the name of the accused who turned and looked at him then ran away.

The accused was convicted of the offence of aggravated defilement but was set free because the defense lawyer argued that the accused who is now 22 years committed the crime when he was still a juvenile and had spent 5 years on remand which is beyond the maximum sentence for juvenile offenders.

Since the accused was found guilty of the offence, the judge said the 5 years spent on remand was a lesson for him and he was set free. End