By Denis Oringi

One may think that the Complimentary opportunities in Primary Education -COPE centers have seized looking at the different levels of education that the government of Uganda through the ministry of education sports science and technology is funding to ensure Ugandan citizens receive quality education. It would take someone by surprise to hear that Arua district still has such schools in this era of the current government.

A Visit by our reporter to a School operating under COPE program has exposed the challenges faced by such schools. Denis Oringi visited Lufe COPE primary school that is in Manibe sub-county Ayivu County -Arua district. In an interview he had with Amagule Bepiro Sunday one of the teachers, he appealed to the district to improve the status of the school to that of a normal primary school because there are no nearby primary schools in the area. Amagule says the school only has a four-stance latrine which serves both the boys and girls pupils of the school whereas the staff use the sanitary facilities of a nearby church.

Eyokia Scovia one of the female teachers in Lufe COPE School says they are doing their best as female teachers in the school to ensure that girls remain in school as some come and join when they are too old to join primary education.

One of the learners also confirmed that they face a lot of challenges as they study in this school.

Ayoma joseph a parent residing around the school says they have the school at heart and support it.

The school has three permanent classroom blocks that are used by primary three, four and five and the second block is where primary one and primary two pupils have their lessons with no desks in primary one classroom and the staff handling administrative issues in the room that keeps all the belongings of the school. END