Those who have not yet been vaccinated against Hepatitis B risk missing the mass vaccination rolled out by the government in 2015.

This is because the vaccines issued to different hospitals in the region are being under-utilized. Dr. William Anzo of Oli health center IV in Arua municipality says if the vaccines will not be used by 30th of December 2017, then the ministry is likely to withdraw the unutilized vaccines from the district and may be given to other regions.

Dr Anzo says the main challenge is the fear that people have as they go for testing as they are not sure of the outcome of the test.

The district health officer of Arua Dr. Patrick Anguzu says the received vaccines amount up to about 727,580 doses and they have a balance of 280,000 doses in the district excluding those at the health centers. However, he says the completion rate is low since many people do not complete the dozes.

The District Health Officer of Maracha district Sunday Chadribo says they still have close to 70,000 dozes left and this is for the remaining population. He says once one does not complete the dozes then the vaccination becomes useless.

Meanwhile, the RDC Peter Debele argued councilors of Arua municipality to carryout sensitization of Hepatitis B vaccination as the turn-up keeps dwindling.

Hepatitis is the inflammation of the liver which is the commonest cause of liver cancer globally, accounting for 83% of the cases. About 3.5 million people are living with Hepatitis B in the country. Of these 2.7% are in north east, 19.4 % in the north central and 10% in West Nile among others. END