By Maurice Eriku

Youth leaders in Arua Hill Division will have to refund travel allowances if the council upholds the general purpose committee report.

Over 1.2m ugx was paid to facilitate 3 youths to attend the National youth day celebrations last month which they allegedly missed.

According to Adomati Dickson, the male councilor for Mvara ward, the funds should be reimbursed to handle other youth activities

Much as some youth councilors’ requested the youths to be given one month to account, the committee Chairperson Acidri Ephraim said it was needless since it was proved the youths never went.

The controversial discussion however was pended for the next council sitting after the council speaker Munduga Morris deferred the matter amidst resistance from councilors.

The council will be re-convened in two months’ time to decide the fate of the implicated youths. End