As teachers celebrate their day, most of them say it’s a collective responsibly to have quality teaching.

According to Richard Nyokatre it’s easy to have quality but the learners may not be interested in learning.

When someone talks of quality of teaching it encompasses all of us, even the media what is your effort there to enhance that quality.

However arrogance of the teachers have completely dropped, they  used to see many teachers moving drunk along the road sides but this time the number has dropped drastically.

According to Jackson Atiku the deputy in charge of academics Bishop Angelo Tarantino Secondary School, the poor performance in schools is attributed to a lot of factors.

The roles played by the students themselves, the efforts they put in learning because much as you may have a very good coverage when the students are not interested in learning they may not perform well, we have the roles played by the parents in trying to make follow ups of their students.

Richard Adrabo a teacher says most learners have a negative attitude towards education this hence affects the performance. Most of the students and learners are not minding of what they are supposed to be in future, they tend to just study for the sake that they are sent to school.

Members of the public are concerned about the poor performance of pupils and students.

Some say most parents are irresponsible the parents not all know the rights of the children there is child labor some of the parents leave their homes two to three days for the children to manage, most of the parents drink a lot and they don’t cater for their children’s needs, most of the parents are too busy they also involve their children in business, most cases they have seen sexual abuse which is directly to the girl Childs. Teaching would be easier if all stake holders do their part.

Similarly several teachers across Maracha district on Thursday converged at Tara sub county headquarters to join the rest of the teachers in the world to celebrate 2017 world teacher’s day under the theme teaching in freedom empowering teachers.

Bako Judith secretary for social services commended teachers for their love and appealed to them to exhibit professionalism in their work.

Wani Emmanuel the district speaker of Maracha district local government challenged teachers to leave legacy.

MORI SAMUEL Isidoro the branch UNATU chairperson of west Nile region called upon different education stake holders to provide conducive environment for teachers to perform their duties as expected.

Mr Anguambu Henry the District Inspector of schools warned teachers against multiple borrowing of loans without proper reasons, He advocated that loan officers should should organize events to educate teachers on what to pick loans for, not simply calling them to go and borrow loans.

Next year’s world teacher’s day will be hosted in Oleba Sub County. End