By John Dibaba

National Environment Management Authority NEMA is planning to evict persons who have settled within the demarcated zone of River Enyau in Arua. Though some pillars where put last year along the river to prevent more encroachment people have continued settling within the no go zone of the river.

According to Francis Ongwal the Natural Resource Manager of NEMA,  pillars were already put in place.

He stressed on the importance of the river to the municipality, saying it is the source of water for the town are but he expressed worry about the destruction of the wetland.

Many of the people who settled among this river are said to have reclaimed the land from the wetland however the district chairman Sam Wadri Nyakua says the local government is in support of this move.

“Please go and execute you duties without fear or favor, those who have stubbornly built in the water must move, the law must take its course” the chairman said adding that if means demolishing houses, they must be demolished.

The RDC of Arua Peter Debele appealed to NEMA and the district authorities to go out to tell the affected people that they are in the catchment area.

Though some of the households show signs of compliance, others doubt the recent demarcation which is about to cause them problems.

A lady in the affected catchment area says  she plans to move away from the affected are but complains that she does not have money to construct another house.

Another resident says he is not happy about the survey that led to the putting of the pillars. He says that the green belt is supposed to be 15 metres from the river however in this case it is 30 metres.

At least over 100 households are said to be affected but no definite date is set for evictions. End