The cultural ministers of Redinke chiefdom have been sworn in by the Grade II magistrate court in Moyo after a series of meetings and consultations by the cultural leaders and other elders of the chiefdom to have Ministers to promote the culture of people.

Amono Monica the chief magistrate cautioned the ministers against envy and jealousy in due course of doing their work and ensure whatever plans they develop are in line with the rules and regulations of the constitution of this country.

His Royal Highness Andruvu Denis Toloko Bandasi the 16th has appealed to the ministers to work in relation to the norms and customs of the culture of the Madi people. He said anyone who may differ from the laws will be punished since they have taken oath of allegiance that they will work without fear or favor.

Anyama David the Acting district community development officer stressed that it is very important to that the cultural ministers because they will help in the promotion and development of culture.

Ajusi Sudi Dominic one of the ministers responsible for peace and security of the people of Redinke chiefdom says culture is not satanic but rather an identity for the people.

Mundruku Christopher the speaker of the chiefdom appealed to the Madi people to respect the the ministers regardless of their education background.

Among other ministries, the chiefdom has a minister responsible for lands and forests, minister in charge of girls in Redinke chiefdom; others include rain makers and ritual performers among others. End