By Abiria May Grace

Chico Construction Company and UB consultants are determined to beat the deadline of completing the construction of modern Arua Taxi Park. The site has already been handed over to the contractor

The companies have signed a contract worth 8.9billion shillings with Arua municipal council to construct a storied multipurpose complex taxi park, with funding’s from Uganda support for municipal infrastructure development USMID.

Drate Judith, the principal community development officer and coordinator USMID program in Arua municipality is optimistic that, the project will enhance the revenue base of Arua municipality.

Judith Drate, says: “We have relocated the taxi park adjacent to Lemerijoa road and any other stages formed by the drivers remain illegal because they are not in our design. Already the demolition of the old park has started to pave way for the development.”

Owners of the lockups sorrunding the site at old Arua Taxi Park, are already demolishing the structures to pick the useable pieces of construction materials.

The government of Uganda through the ministry of lands, housing and urban development, signed a five year agreement for infrastructure development in the urban centers.

Arua municipality is among the 14 municipalities in Uganda, benefiting from this project. End