By Amacha Goli

Adjumani-The Obongi county MP Fungaroo Hassan was released from Adjumani central police station amid bloody fracas where a crowd of FDC diehards engaged the police in a fist fight.

The fight arose after the police insisted on escorting MP Fungaroo to Obongi County, where he was expected to make consultations with the electorates.

In the chaos that ensued in Adjumani town near the police station, the Police pulled Fungaroo out of his car where fully blown scuffle erupted.

The Adjumani DPC Kakaire Adam intervened and confronted MP Fungaroo who insisted on traveling to Moyo town for the consultative meeting. The arguments soon degenerated into physical a fight where DPC Kakaire ended up biting the MP.

DPC Kakaire later denied having administered MP Fungaro a human bite; he said the MP sustained the wound after falling awkwardly.

The FDC diehards and MP Fungaro were overwhelmed by the determined police unit. Fungaroo was then bundled in his car, the driver was forcefully fixed under the seat of the police patrol pick up and was driven to Shinyanya Ferry landing site at break neck speed.

Back home in Obongi town, the supporters of Fungaroo, the red brigade, massively mobilized for a heroic welcome, the procession was long and punctuated with the anti-age limit slogan ‘eloku kwa.

The entire Obongi town was then filled with a mammoth crowd, as Fungaroo was accorded the respect. In his brief address Fungaroo appealed to the people of Obongi not to relent but rather reject the constitutional amendment of bill number (2) 2017,which seeks to remove the presidential age limit.

As MP Fungaro was being escorted to his residence in Kenya village, two trucks loaded with UPDF arrived, the mean looking gun totting UPDF soldiers took over the streets of Obongi town but the determined red brigade youth remained in the town.

The Obongi MP was arrested yesterday in Pakele town board at around 4:00 pm after addressing FDC supporters where he called upon the populace to reject the lifting of the presidential age limit which he notes is a ploy by President Yoweri Museveni to rule for life.

He was arrested and detained alongside Mundara Job, chairman FDC Adjumani, Adjumani town LCIII chairman Tandrupasi Patrick, East Adjumani FDC chairman, Dulu Lawrence and West Adjumani FDC chairman Itcha Angelo.

The arresting officer, Vincent Adupa who is the OC station Adjumani central police station told journalists that the arrest was preventive. End