By Gabriel Adrapi

Heavy rains throughout this year have caused damages on roads and culverts hence making some roads impassable and causing accidents.

The local residents say leaders who are to fix the bridges have ignored their responsibility.

A resident said from Kuluva to Andifeku market the surrounding bridges affect their activities. Another resident testified how a p7 pupil got an accident.

Atiku Patrick chairperson Ogoko says some of the roads have not been maintained because of late release of funds the central government.

Avutia Marlon chairperson Pajulu Sub County has assured the community that the sub county local government is in the process of improving some of the impassable roads and once they receive the road maintenance equipment then the situation will improve.

This year a number of people were swept away by the flood waters while trying to cross the poorly constructed bridges and culverts.

This happened in Pajulu Sub County and parts of Terego. End