By John Dibaba

Arua district council has approved the creation of ten new sub counties.

These new sub counties are expected to be curved out of the existing sub counties in Terego, and Madi constituencies.

According to the district executive committee Vurra Sub County will miss this sub division for late submission of request and Ayivu constituency as well, as it will be catered for as they get incorporated into the city that is to come.

Genesis Acema the district vice chairperson says the new creations are to cater for the sub counties that have become too large posing a challenge to service delivery.

He further encourages the remaining sub counties of Vurra constituency to make their submission of demands so that the council can subsequently look into it.

But Aletiru Stella the district chairperson of social services committee is perturbed by the failure to have Ayivu and Vurra benefit from the sub divisions.

She further wonders in the case of Ayivu when the city will ever come because she expected it to have happened way before the recent general elections.

Aletiru says the district relaxes a lot when it comes to taking decisions.

Luiji Candini the district councilor representing Arivu commended the district executive committee for acting swiftly to public demands by approving the creation of the new sub counties.

The new sub counties set to be created include Andelizu from Uriama, Imvepi from Odupi, Ajono from Aiivu, Ocoko from Ajia, Lazebu from Logiri, Goromi from Offaka, Luba from Rigbo and Akino will be curved out of Okollo.

Besides the creation of the sub counties, the council also permitted the establishment of ten town councils which are expected to be operational after the endorsement of the ministry of local government. END