By Vincent Sabo aka Vicente Da Costa

Arua district sports council officially conducted elections for the new management on Wednesday 10th Jan 2018 at Arua Social Centre.
The election process that disbursed about four hours was chaired by Arua district Sports officer Mr. David Dramadri.
He started with a brief introduction of the member associations of the sports council and a word of welcome for the members.
Article (8) of the district council constitution was used to determine the positions to be voted
The positions stated in the constitution include Chairman, Vice Chairman, Publicity Secretary, Treasury, schools Sports Associations and County Sports Association.
Article 10 of the constitution states that voting process is conducted by showing of hands and thus it was implemented.
A total of 23 Associations were represented among which included Football, Chess, Scrabble, Golf, Lone Tennis, Soro, Darts, Pool, boxing, athletics, Volleyball, Netball, Rugby among others.
Andiga Jabri beat off competition from Atabua Ronald Afema to become the new Sports council chairman.
Andiga a qualified referee with number 261 and with several certificates achieved in sports management amassed record 25 votes from 33 voters excluding the candidates, Atabua got only 6 votes.
He will be assisted by Madam Butele Alice who beat Agana by 29 votes to 3 during the voting.
Dr. Atiku Isaac was mutually voted as the Treasury for the council having seen his prior competitor Mawa James Onzima disqualified as he is a member of FUFA thus serving as a delegate.
Etoma Geoffrey beat Apangu Rashid with 22 votes 10 to become the publicity secretary of the council.
For Schools Sports Association, there is yet going to be a meeting where they will have to elect their leaders and present to the district Sports officer.
Egama Sam, Inzikuru Dorcus, James Mawa, Peace Proscovia, Ayub Khemis and Mike Leti among others were named among Ex-officials.
The district Sport officer called for respect to the incoming officials and urged them to follow up all the sports related issues and projects in the district.
The new chairman also pledged to protect the sports facilities in the district specifically Barifa Stadium which is been used as a driving space.
“We could use Barifa as a source of income for the council, there are people who even use the water source in Barifa for income but we will protect and in turn use it ourselves to generate some money” he highlighted.
He called upon cooperation among the new officials for batter development of sports in the district.
At the closure of the meeting, Mzee Alia Anzilo who is the chairman of Arua district “Soro” association applauded the sports office for recognizing the association, and called for people to engage and support the game.
The Arua district new sports council structure
Chairman: Mr. Andiga Jabri
Vice: Butele Alice
Secretary: Sports officer according to the constitution
Treasury: Dr. Atiku Isaac
Publicity Secretary: Etoma Geoffrey
EX Officials: Egama Sam, Inzikuru Dorcus, James Mawa, Peace Proscovia, Ayub Khemis and Mike Leti among others.