LIRA. Nyanga Stephen aka Aring-ayela, 39, a renowned Radio personality in Lango is dead.
Nyanga whom until his death was working as a Radio Presenter at Voice of Lango, a local radio station in Lira Town died on Monday morning at around 2:45am from Lira Regional Referral Hospital.
His relatives said he was admitted on Thursday 22nd August at the hospital where his condition deteriorated leading to his death.
Ms Caroline Nyanga, the widow to the deceased said the deceased started complaining of weird feelings before he was diagnosed with malaria, a day before he was admitted.
“When we reached Lira regional referral Hospital on Thursday morning we did not get any help and were told to go back home and return on Friday,” she said.
Later that evening, Ms Nyanga said the deceased’s condition worsen and started uttering uncoordinated words.
“I was advised by a friend from the same hospital to take him back to the hospital’s emergency ward that same evening where we were admitted,” she said adding, “On Saturday his condition started worsening and he was being fed through the tube till Sunday evening when he was put on oxygen support since he could hardly breath,”
Ms Nyanga said her husband passed on at 2:12am on Monday morning.
Nyanga’s workmate, Mr Sam Bruno Aliga described him as a person who committed his half life shaping the societies through radio programs as well as mentoring youths.
Samuel Opira, a News anchor at Radio Wa, a radio station in Lira Town describe Nyanga’s death as untimely and shocking to the media fraternity in the region.
Steven Nyanga started volunteering as a drama actor at Unity FM in Lira Town in early 2000s. He nicknamed himself as “Aring-ayela me Aloi” loosely translating as an Internally Displaced Person from Aloi; after the Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency made him and other people from the rural areas in Lango Sub-region to flee and seek refuge in Lira Town.
Gaining popularity among radio listeners, Nyanga rose to fame among radio presenters and was employed as a radio presenter at Voice of Lango 88.0FM, another radio station in Lira Town.
In 2011 Nyanga joined politics and served one term as the Chairperson LCIII of Alebtong Town Council in Alebtong District. In 2016, he showed interest to contest as LCV Chairperson but was defeated in the Uganda People’s Congress Party primaries.
Lately, Nyanga had been employed as a radio presenter at Voice of Lango.
The deceased survived with a widow and two children. He will be laid to rest on 2nd September 2019 at his ancestral home in Aloi Sub-county, Alebtong District.