By Sharon Angucia

The newly constructed maternity ward at police health Centre three in Arua hill division has been handed over to the beneficiaries following the completion of major works by the contractor Link Investments Limited.

The site engineer Afayo Nick explainong the compnents of facility

The site engineer Afayo Nick explains that the facility has a reception, postnatal and antenatal ward, a private ward that is self-contained, a sterilizing room, a store, an office, first stage, a sluice room, a delivery room, a placenta pit and a temporary waste store.

The Senior Assistant Town Clerk Arua Hill Division Wanje Isaac explained that twelve more days were added to the initial 120 completion days after council granted the request of the contractor.

The Senior Assistant Town Clerk Arua Hill Division Wanje Isaac

The proprietor Link Investments Ltd Musana Yazidi the firm that constructed the facility says they will stay committed to fix any defects within the 90 days of the defects liability period.

The LC3 chairman Arua Hill Division Nezima Ocokoru says the division lacks a health facility of its own that’s why they came into support the police facility which lies in the division. She also appreciates the police for opening their health services to the public.

Reception area of the maternity ward

The police surgeon at the health Centre Doctor Madrama Charles says the District Health officer Arua has pledged to officer the facility a delivery bed and a couch as they equally hope to have the facility fully furnished.

The site for the construction of the maternity ward was handed over to the contractor on 18th of March this year and the actual works started later on 1st of April. The facility is expected to be commissioned after the first week of October after it being fully furnished. End