YUMBE. There is joy and excitement among the police fraternity in Yumbe district for their outstanding performance in community policing.
The Yumbe police were rated the best in 2018 community policing in the whole of the country where they scored 73 per cent followed by Abim district that sored 71 per cent.
The results were announced by Mr Okoth Ochola the IGP at the police headquarters in Naguru recently.

Mr Moses Olang the DPC holding the trophy and Mr Richard Ozua the OC CID(in civilain) holding the certificate as other police officers look on. PHOTO BY ROBERT ELEMA

Mr Moses Olang the district police commander(DPC) of Yumbe confirmed that it’s true that the police in Yumbe managed to be number one in the country according to the assessment from the IGP for which he was invited for the awards ceremony in Kampala three weeks ago.
He revealed that the police was assessed in a number of areas such as professional investigations, observation of human rights, police professional behaviour in the public, timely reporting to headquarters, how police relate with the judiciary and other security personnel among others.
“This success was as a result of the team spirit and cooperation among the members of the security committe and the community in the district. We are in the process of organising a celebration for this success on Thursday where a number of stakeholders will be invited because it wasn’t easy to make this achievement”, he said.
“Another task to us is to work hard  so that the trophy is retained because if it taken from us, it means we are performing poorly, which I will not accept as the DPC. I will make sure the police work hard as a team to retain the trophy”, he added.

Mr Moses Olang the district police commander displayed the trophy and the certificate in his office. PHOTO BY ROBERT ELEMA

He revealed that the crime rate in the district has gone down as they have embarked on a new strategy of foot and car patrols in the town and outside the town by both the police and the UPDF that has resulted into the reduction of crimes in the district.
“We can sometimes take three days without receiving any complaint of crimes committed like house breaking which used to be rampant in the town here. So the crime rate has gone down and we are going to continue with this strategy throughout the year”, he said.
Olang said they have been informed of the next assement areas and they have already called many meetings with the team at the central police station and out posts in preparation to defend the trophy.
He appealed to the community to support them most importantly through giving information because it’s hard for them as the police to work minus information.
Mr Richard Andama the Resident District Commissioner for Yumbe appreciated the security fraternity for the job well done.
He said management of crimes needs a combined effort of all the security personnel but nothing of that kind will tear them a part.
“When I came to Yumbe newly in 2018, the number of the UPDF and the police officers were not enough yet Yumbe hosts the biggest number of refugees on the continent as they also need protection. So I had to give the gaps in the security department in my report but right now we have over 100 UPDF(full battalion) and the number of police has been increased a bit in the district”, he said.
“With this boost in the security personnel, we need to sustain the award. This is a challenge to us the leaders of security and soon we are heading to general elections with its issues so we need to wake up and work as a team”, he added.
He warned people against been idle and disorderly in the town and trading centres but encouraged them to engage in production as they have vast land in the district because food insecurity is one of the problems tgat causes violence in families.