MARACHA: Maracha district has recorded sixty candidates in first grade in the recently released PLE results. And more than half of the candidates also passed in second grade.

The overall best PLE performer in Maracha district Vincent Bob Drati(carried on shoulders) and other family members celebrate his outstanding result in their home on Friday. PHOTO BY ROBERT ATIKU

According to the district leaders, the results indicate an improvement compared to those of previous years.

The District Education Officer Maracha Ms. Flavia Osoa on Friday confirmed that 60 candidates representing (2.6%) passed in division one, 1168 candidates representing (50.7%) passed in division two, 620(26.9%) are in division three, while in division four, 345 candidates representing (4.7%) passed.

Ms. Osoa said the results are generally good because minimal number of candidates failed since 109 candidates (14.9%) are in division U, and 71 candidates (2.9%) are in division X.

She attributed the improvement in last year’s results to hard work done by the candidates.
“The results are good compared to the previous years. I think the candidates worked hard this year as you can see the percentage pass. Although a small number passed in division one, half of the candidates passed in second grade and we are happy about it,” Ms. Osoa commented.

The education officer believes that this year the candidates will perform better since they are going to intensify inspections in schools so that syllabus coverage is completed early enough and that they will talk to parents to give the pupils the necessary support they need to perform better.

The deputy Chief administrative officer of Maracha district Mr. Stephen Edema Budraa gave the overall district summary of the results which shows that 2193 (95.2%) of the candidates passed in divisions one to four, which are the required grades to qualify to join Post Primary schools.

“This is a very good result; we want to thank our District Education Officer Ms. Flavia Osoa, parents and all the stakeholders because of their efforts in different capacities,” Mr. Budraa added.
Primary schools in the district that registered higher number of first grades include Yivu Primary school with 12, St. Joseph Private Primary school Maracha 07, Atratraka 06 and Ojapi 04 candidates.
Maracha, Nyarakua, Kijomoro and Nyoro Primary schools have three candidates in division one each, And Anyivu, Paranga and Koriba Primary schools registered two candidates each in division one. Kololo, Oleba, Midria, Nigo, Ambekua, Bura, Simbili, Odrua and Etoko primary schools each registered one candidate in grade one.

Teachers speak out
The Primary Seven Class Master of Yivu Primary school Mr. Mawa Godfrey Oniacha said the achievement recorded in Yivu Primary school is out of the effort of the teachers, pupils, parents and the support given by the school administration. Out of the 79 candidates registered for PLE in the school, 12 passed in grade one, 63 are in grade two and 4 in grade three.

L_R: Vincent Afimani a candidate from Yivu Primary school and his class former teacher Mr. Godfrey Mawa check through the printed copy of their PLE results on Friday. PHOTO BY ROBERT ATIKU

The Primary Seven class master of Ojapi Primary school Vincent Adriko said, “Out of the 31 Candiates registered in our school,4 passed in first grade, 21 grade two and 5 passed in third grade. I thank the various school stakeholders for the result and we hope for the best this year.”

Primary Seven science teacher from Maracha Primary school Henry Dramaza said, “We expected around five of our pupils to pass in first grade but we managed to get three out of the five. Maracha Primary school could do better than this if only all the school stakeholders come to a common understanding.”

Best candidates

The overall best candidate in the district is Vincent Bob Drati, 12 years old, from Ojapi Primary school who scored total aggregate 7, in which he scored 2 in English, Science 2, SST 2 and Maths 1.

The best girl from the distict is Saviour Alone from St. Joseph private primary school Maracha. She scored total aggregate 8. Cocus Buga and Victor Madira all from Yivu primary school also scored aggregate 8 each.

The second best girl Jilda Agasiru 12, from St. Joseph private primary school Maracha got total aggregate 9. She was the best performer in the regional mock exams with aggregate 7.

The overall best candidate in Maracha district attributed his success to obedience to God, teachers and his parents.
“Besides that, I have also been a disciplined and hard working pupil. I read a lot.” Drati said.

In 2018 PLE results, Maracha district recorded 49 candidates in first grade. The Deputy CAO Maracha threatened to demote headteachers of schools that persistently fail to produce candiates grade one. The district has a rewards and sanctions committee to handle matters of rewards and punishments for civil servants, teachers inclusive.

A total number of 2377 candidates were registered to sit for 2019 PLE in Maracha district last year.End.