MARACHA :When Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) released the 2019 Primary Leaving Examinations(PLE) results on Friday last week, they were received with jubilation by those who emerged victor in the exams. Schools and Parents threw parties to celebrate the good results.
However, not all is rosy to some parents now, as they make arrangements to send their kids to Secondary schools.

The parents of the best 2019 PLE performer in Maracha district are seeking for support from the public to enable them send their son to a good secondary school.

The best PLE candidate in Maracha, Vincent Bob Drati, 12 years old, scored aggregate seven from Ojapi Primary school, Tara subcounty, Maracha district. He obtained 2 in English, 2 in Science, 2 in Social Studies and 1 in Mathematics .

According to Mr. Anthony Draga the father of Vincent Drati, he already has three other children in various secondary schools. Mr. Draga adds that this has put him in a tricky financial position which can’t allow him to send the boy to a good school.

“I was first of all excited. I wanted to take my son to a better school but the number of children Iam paying in secondary schools are many. Therefore, I am getting it difficult to send him to a good school. If there should be a kind of bursary from somebody, Maracha district or any other organization to help me, it would be better.” Mr. Draga said.

The Maracha PLE star is a product of Universal Primary Education (UPE), since he has never studied in a private school right from primary one to primary seven.

Currently, prices of scholastic materials are fast skyrocketing. And most good schools in West Nile region now charge not less than shs1m per term as school fees, apart from other school requirements.

Mrs. Zena Maasikuru the mother of Vincent Drati also made similar appeals to people of good will.

“We are going through a rough time in meeting the school fees demands of our children in Secondary schools. I humbly appeal to our district leaders and other NGO’s to give us any support to educate this boy. The boy is really committed and determined to further his education.” Mrs. Zena said.

Speaking to Radio Pacis on Monday, Vincent Bob Drati said, “I would like to first thank God because he helped me to get this kind of result. I would also like to thank my headteacher, my class teachers and my parents because they helped me much. But I also read a lot for this result. I would like to join St Joseph’s College Ombaci. My goal is to become a medical doctor so that I treat sick people.”

Although both of Drati’s parents are teachers in Ojapi Primary school, they are reportedly struggling to meet the high demands of school fees for their children.

It remains to be seen whether any persons of good will or organizations will come in to support Drati’s education.

Maracha district registered 2377 candidates for 2019 PLE.

The District Education Officer Maracha Ms. Flavia Osoa confirmed that 60 candidates representing (2.6%) passed in division one, 1168 candidates representing (50.7%) passed in division two, 620(26.9%) are in division three, while in division four, 345 candidates representing (4.7%) passed.

While, 109 candidates representing (14.9%) failed the exams and 71 (2.9%) candiates who registered, didn’t turn up for last year’s Primary Leaving Examinations in Maracha district. End