MARACHA: Maracha district has benefited from installation of Closed Circuit Television(CCTV) security cameras by the government.

The security cameras are currently being installed in selected locations within the district.

Located between two municipalities of Arua and Koboko, Maracha district was considered for this first phase of the security camera installation(which was actually planned for municipalities).

Mr. Hassan Hiwumbire the Maracha District Police Commander explained the details of the CCTV cameras received.
“We received CCTV cameras at Maracha. We have four point sites(where the cameras are under installation). One is at Okokoro trading centre, the second one is at local government offices, monitoring the high way, police station and the local government offices. Another one which is the third one is going to be in Maracha Town centre to monitor the market and Otaffire road. The fourth one is going to be at the Town council offices to monitor the behind of the market and to monitor along the Arua_Maracha_Koboko high way.” Mr. Hiwumbire explained.

According to the DPC the CCTV cameras will help police to fight crime in Maracha district.

“And it is going to help us as the people of Maracha to fight or reduce crime cases within the district. Because at-least people have been engaging in dubious businesses of crime around but at the end of the day, cracking them down has been a problem but as for now we have a command centre where we shall be seeing whatever is been done along or within our town.” Mr. Hiwumbire added.

Comments from locals

Mr. Amos Andruga a mobile money business operator in Maracha Town Council said, “This is a very welcoming development that I very much appreciate. It is going to help a great deal as far as security is concerned. There have been cases of burglary, breakage of doors and people robbing things in the premises. So we believe having installation of such CCTV cameras would do a great deal on trying regulate or minimize on the cases of insecurity.”

However some of the locals in Maracha claim that the irregular power supply in the district could pose a challenge to the CCTV camera operations.

Mr Denis Drapari a resident of Maracha district said, “Since these CCTV cameras need power to function and our power source in West Nile is also unreliable, I think the security personnel are going to face a lot of problems concerning the issue of power.”

The Chairperson Maracha Town Council business community Mr. John Mawa welcomed the CCTV camera installation but requested the government to supply more of the cameras to cover remaining black spots in Maracha Town Council.

“The cameras installed are good but the number is not enough because I have seen black spots been left out. This road near the market should have been among those considered for installation of a CCTV camera.”

Currently, the installation works on the four security cameras in Maracha are about to be completed. End