By Albert Oduti

Moyo District: Three stolen goats and a piglet were recovered from a man’s residence in Wano where he digs. The man has been identified as Tiondi Paulo a married man whose home is in the maternal uncles’ place in Vura Opi village, Vura parish Moyo Sub County.

Tiondi confirmed his action of having stolen 2 he goats, 1 she goat and a piglet on Thursday night. He requested the locals to forgive him for the actions as it was his first time to steal. He also revealed that he stole these animals to be kept for reproduction.

Mrs. Agnes the owner of the three goats said that since her animals were recovered from the thief, she only wanted them back and he should be made to refund the sixty thousand shillings she spent on fuel for the five motorcycles used in the recovery process. She however wished him be set free after meeting solving the matters of concern.

Anzo the owner of the piglet also forgave him saying that even if he is charged for his actions he would not be able to clear them.

Mr. Mawadri Thomson an elder in Vura Opi said that according to his assessment, the man is a real thief because of his responses and eye sight.

During the community dialogue meeting, the Rendike chiefdom leader Chief Andruvu Denis Toloko Bandasi XVI remarked that should he disturb people in the process of handling this matter, Tiondi will be forwarded to the sub county for further legal management.

According to the locals, this is not the first time Tiondi and his other brothers are caught in theft.

The maternal uncle commonly known as Opi revealed that he has heard a lot of theft cases raised against Tiondi and the brothers but he couldn’t talk much about them because he didn’t know the whole story.

The community therefore, recommended that he should be handed to the higher law enforcement officers for further management of the theft case which could not be handled at the community level. End