By Dramadri Federick

Arua City: Arua District Corona Virus Task force has closed Pioneer Hospital (both Arua Main and Annex at Ediofe) after a patient admitted in the health facility turned positive of the Corona virus disease after discharge.

According to the Hospital Director, Doctor Aldo Pariyo, the patient was admitted on 20th July 2020, diagnosed of high blood pressure and later discharged after becoming well.

This person is somebody from Arua who stays in Kampala, he came to Arua for funeral but since he always comes to Pioneer Hospital for treatment. He came complaining of high pressure, we took care of him. He improved and was discharged but later he went for routine testing at Arua Regional Referral Hospital and tested positive. However, because we had contact with him all the staff in the two hospitals Arua Main and Annex in Ediofe are under quarantine for 15 days.

Meanwhile the Acting District Health Officer, Mr. Paul Bishop Drileba reveals that, the positive case came like an alert case.

It was on 24th July 2020 that the man in question came complaining of chest pain, fever and flue, we took his samples and on 26th July 2020, the results came positive of the virus.  We talked to the management and agreed that all the staff plus the patients who were admitted for other conditions be quarantined for fourteen days for monitoring in the hospital and there be no movements in or out of the hospital.

He added that, the Task Force will also support the hospital management with hand washing facilities and feed the people quarantined.

The task force will support the hospital with JIK, hand washing equipment and food if available, currently over thirty staff of the hospital are in the quarantine and we are still tracing more contacts.

The Resident City Commissioner of Arua City, Mr. Nahori Oya who heads the task force cautions the public to be vigilant and report any new comers in the city.

I want to again caution the public to be vigilant. They need to report people who come without clear identities either for trade or seeking employment opportunities. We request that such people must present letters showing that they are free to interact with us the local people. With the easing of the lock down many foreigners and even Ugandans outside will be coming to the city and this will spread the disease rapidly therefore we must be careful.

Oya further called upon all those who went to seek for treatment at Pioneer Hospital to come by themselves so as to avoid wide spread of the disease into the communities.

Arua District Corona virus Task force is currently monitoring about eighty seven (87) contacts, both at Institutional and on self-quarantine while the number of confirmed cases at the treatment unit has risen to five. End