By Vicente Da Costa aka Vincent Sabo

According to the chairman River Oli division games and sports committee Mr. Lema Dickson, the final has been suspended until further notice due to the ongoing confusion over the eligibility of Akua Caesar who played for Arua primary school.

Arua primary recorded a 3-1 victory over Oasis primary school in the semifinal and the latter launched an accusation after digging in to the worthiness of the controversial player.

Ceaser is said to have been registered with two schools Kati primary school in Upper Madi and Arua Primary school.

“we sat in for a meeting at the office of the LC111 to discuss on the situation, we decided to suspend the final and we are yet to have another meeting , Akua played for Arua primary last year and we summoned him for Arua municipality in the national ball games in Koboko but he was taken up for City tyres regional competition and I can’t say whether Arua primary is guilty or not until a concrete decision is made, it’s beyond my capacity to comment on the matter nowDickson revealed in an interview with radio Pacis sports room.

On thorough inquiries from the official, Akua has been living with a relative in Arua and the father wasn’t aware of how he became a pupil of Arua primary.

The boy nicknamed as Obilia has been phenomenal for his accused school helping them to the final of the competition.

The management decided to disqualify Arua primary from playing in the final thus giving the privilege to Oasis to face Arua parents in the final on a day yet to be decided.

A letter addressed to radio Pacis sports room prior to all the uncertainties concerning the match indicated that Arua primary was initially supposed to play Arua parents in the finals but later it was a different case. End