Captivation Zone

Captivation Zone is a program that runs on Radio Pacis 94.5Fm from 5.00pm to 9.00pm. It has slot for news,BBC focus on Africa; If no talk show,from 8.00pm 9.00pm is for discussing topics on issues affecting the society. Cekecan Moses(Cek)  presents the program.

Mon—Fri: 5:00—8:00 pm

Language: English

  • To educate the audience in entertaining format about relationships, family life, community challenges, education, health, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, business management, children, adolescents or the youth, and women;
  • To provide the local audience with music that offers appropriate relaxation after a day of work;
  • To offer information about events in Africa through the segment “BBC Focus on Africa”;
  • To encourage the audience to evaluate work in order to do better on the next day;
  • To provide news information on events and issues through the news bulletins and features.

General appeal.


Variety of music.


Radio talk and interaction through call-ins, SMS and Facebook.

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