West Nile We want

ChiefWest Nile We Want Talk-Show comes at 10:00 till 11:30am every Saturday. It is a show in which leaders are invited to account to the Local Community. Acidri Ernest is the Moderator.

Sat: 10:00—11:30 pm

Language: English

  • To provide an opportunity for the local community and leaders to discuss critical development issues and ways to achieve social change in the West Nile region;
  • To encourage community participation through discussing issues affecting the society;
  • To make people aware of their responsibility towards political and social development in the region;
  • To create awareness and empower the local community members on issues of education, health, social services, justice and peace, land, good governance, accountability and transparency in both private and public sector.

Leaders of local governments and general audience.


One piece of music for bridging/break.


Radio Talk and discussion with guests in the studio, vox-pop. Participation of the audience through call-ins and SMS.

Live relay from Moyo studio. Possibility of Outside Broadcast.

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