Drama from the Villages

Drama from the Villages is a slot at 11:30 till Mid-Day on 90.9 every Sunday.

Sun: 11:30—12:00 pm

Language: Lögbara and Kakwa

  • To offer edutainment by producing radio drama about life-related issues (such as: domestic violence, dangers of drug abuse, importance of education, resolution of land conflicts, marriage, etc.).
  • To promote local talents in creating new dramas that are educative and entertaining at the same time;
  • To create a sense of belonging between the community and Radio Pacis.

General appeal.


No music


The actors use dialogue, music and sound effects to help the listener imagine the characters and story.

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  1. Mandela Hillary

    since the dramas are of importance to us, i say provide us with some of them for downloads


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