Oldies But Goodies

Oldies But Goodies follows the Sunday readings from 9:30pm till 1:00am. It is a musical show presented by Uncle Nyax.

Sat: 9:30—1:00 am

Language: English

  • To offer classic and memorable music from the past, highlighting the works of original artists through profiling;
  • To promote the old music among the current generation and the youth;
  • To remind the audience of past events and issues which are part of the lyrics of the songs.
  • To entertain listeners during the night of Saturday;

General appeal of 20 years and above.


Classic collections of top hits from the 60s and 70s, 80’s and early 90’s from Africa, Europe and Asia.


Interaction through call-ins, SMS.


  1. Micky

    I stream and listen to Radio Pacis everyday from Saskatchewan, Canada. I enjoy your programs very much. However, it has been difficult to contribute on your programs by phoning in. It is easier to send text (sms) messages. Could you please publish the phone numbers on your website so that we in diaspora who support this fantastic radio could also participate?
    Thank you and continue with the good work.

    • news room

      studio line for 90.9FM is 0393 27 32 52 also used as sms line
      studio line for 94.5FM is 0393 27 32 32 also used as sms line!
      thnx for the concern


        Hi presenter it’s me WILLIAHM DKCHRIS. Could you please send my regards to my precious wife KEVIN AMAZIRU and my daughter DESIRE JOSEPHINE.
        Please could you play for them Oh Adam.


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