Pacis Mix

The Pacis Mix is day breaker programs that run on Radio Pacis 94.5FM & 101.4FM from mid night to 4am. It plays more secular music. It is presented by Ndugu Philliam

Time: Mon—Fri 12:00—4:00 am


 To reach out to people who are on duty during night time: staff of hospitals, security….

 To provide entertainment and relaxation in the night;

 To facilitate change of behavior by identifying issues within the community.

Target: General audience Music: Variety (secular music from all genres).

Style: Radio talk and interaction.



  1. I'm Joel from kubala

    H’ello.mukulia, I sent my greetings to my loved maliyamungu ,mama desire ,mungufeni+acema in bolomoni camp at bidibidi

  2. Joel jojo abima

    H’ello.mukilia i sent my greetings to munduru poulin,desire,baby awania & sarron all at bolomoni in bidibidi settlement


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