Radio Pacis Awards Over the years


Every month of September, Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) appreciates her most compliant taxpayers in a campaign dubbed the Taxpayer Appreciation Month (TPAM). The idea is to motivate and recognize them for their contribution to National Development.

In 2018, under the theme STRONGER TOGETHER, URA in conjunction with other Government bodies conducted joint Taxpayer engagements in the different regions of Uganda.

In the Northern region, Radio Pacis was recognized for being the most compliant taxpayer based in West Nile at Arua.

The award was received by Victor Alicema the chief Finance Officer Arua diocese media centre – Radio Pacis during the URA Taxpayers Appreciation Luncheon on 19th September 2018, at the Desert Breeze Hotel, Arua.



On May 3, 2017 The Human Rights Network for Journalists – Uganda HRNJ in 2017 awarded journalists and media houses recognized for consistent and frequent reporting about media rights and freedom of expression.

During the World Press Freedom Day celebrations at Golf Course Hotel in Kampala; HRNJ recognized and awarded Daniel Amule of Radio Pacis with a certificate of appreciation for outstanding role in the promotion of media rights and freedom of expression.

This Annual Journalists’ Award seeks to recognize outstanding individual practicing journalists and media houses that maintain higher professional standards in expediting their work in promoting journalists’ rights and freedoms.



On 15th June 2017 Federation of Ugandan football association FUFA held an awards ceremony at the Green Light Stadium home of Onduparaka FC during the finals of Uganda Cup in which Kampala City Council Authority Football Club KCCA FC were crowned champions after the beating Paidha Black Angels Soccer Club 2 – 0.

Radio Pacis was awarded the BEST Radio in Uganda by FUFA for the coverage of the 2016/17 football calendar including the Uganda Cup.

There were more than 200 radios across Uganda doing the same coverage but Radio Pacis was chosen for the numerous platforms it provides in promoting football in the region and nationally.



On July 4, 2017 Radio Pacis was yet again awarded by National social security fund as the best employer in West Nile region.

The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) is National Saving Scheme mandated by Government through the National Social Security Fund Act, Cap 222 (Laws of Uganda) to provide social security services to employees.

Arua Diocese Media Centre was the first institution in the Diocese to sign up with NSSF as part of its employment practices. It’s the right of every Uganda employee to register with NSSF.

This was the second time Arua Diocese Media Centre is prized by NSSF as the best employer of West Nile region. Mr. Alicema Victor the chief Finance officer received the award on behalf of Arua Diocese Media Centre.


On Wednesday, August 23rd 2017 at Hotel Africana, Kampala (KIBS Restaurant) Uganda Media Women’s Association, UMWA hosted the first Gender Media Awards.

The aim of the award was to recognize 2 types of people: – (a) Individual Journalists; and (b) Media Houses who demonstrated gender awareness and sensitivity in their work as journalists or managers.

Henry Lematia and Abiria May Grace from Radio Pacis submitted stories in the category of in the Radio Feature Story in the awards.

Henry Lematia emerged the first runner up in the Radio Feature Story. He was awarded a plague and certificate. Abiria May Grace was the second runner up and received a certificate of appreciation.


Rotary Arua along partnered with many corporate bodies in Arua district by organizing Corporate League with a theme End polio Now.

Radio Pacis had a football team that participated in the corporate league in addition to offering free Air Time for talk shows.

In June 2017, Rotary Arua awarded Radio Pacis with a certificate of appreciation for the generosity and participation in raising funds towards polio plus through Rotary Corporate League 2017.


Best Employer Awards National Social Security Fund

On October 12, 2016 Radio Pacis was awarded by National social security fund as the best employer in West Nile region. The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) is National Saving Scheme mandated by Government through the National Social Security Fund Act, Cap 222 (Laws of Uganda) to provide social security services to employees

Arua Diocese Media Centre was the first institution in the Diocese to sign up with NSSF as part of its employment practices. It’s the right of every Uganda employee to register with NSSF.

This was the second time Arua Diocese Media Centre is prized by NSSF as the best employer of West Nile region.Mr Alicema Victor the chief Finance officer received the award on behalf of Arua Diocese Media Centre.


Uganda Media Development Foundation (UMDF) and Brot für die Welt (Bread for the World)

In 2014, Radio Pacis was selected by UMDF to participate in a partnership to develop peace journalism. Only a few stations in Uganda were selected for the two-year project 2014-2016.

Through the partnership Radio Pacis received training and mentoring in conflict-sensitive journalism and monthly financial support to facilitate the production of the Radio Pacis program called Let’s Talk Peace.

Radio Pacis was recognized as the best performing station in reporting Peace Journalism programs in Uganda for 2014. The award was presented to Amule Daniel in February 2015.


Uganda National Journalism Awards 2015
ACME (African Centre for Media Excellence)

Hafiz BakitIn April 2015 the African Centre for Media Excellence (ACME) announced a shortlist of 50 journalists for the second edition of the Uganda National Journalism Awards. The awards, organized with support from Dutch international development organization Hivos, are open to all journalists working for media outlets in Uganda. They are intended to celebrate and promote exceptional, in-depth and enterprising journalism that informs public debate and holds the powerful to account. A total of 155 journalists participated in the Uganda National Journalism Awards 2015, submitting just over 260 entries for competition in 20 reporting categories. Radio Pacis was the only radio station in the country to be named among the finalists; furthermore, three Radio Pacis journalists were finalists! Radio Pacis journalist Hafiz Bakhit (a runner-up in the awaAnnetrds the previous year) was awarded first place in the category of sports reporting. Hafiz received a large cash prize and a trophy. Radio Pacis journalist Lekuru Annet was awarded second place in the category of justice, law and order reporting. She received a cash prize and a trophy. Radio Pacis journalist Ojok Emmanuel (a first place winner in the awards the previous year) was awarded third place in the category of local reporting. He received a certificate.


European Solar Prize: One World Category-November 2014

image EUROSOLAR awarded the European Solar Prize for the 21st time since the inception of the awards in 1994. The European Solar Prize honors towns, municipalities, companies, local associations, architects, journalists and individuals for their outstanding commitment, extraordinary accomplishments and significant contributions to the use and expansion of renewable energy.

The Solar Prize is given to make pioneers and leaders the focus of public attention and to give fresh impetus to a renewable energy-based and decentralized energy turnaround. It honors projects and initiatives from all parts of society.

On November 24, 2014 the European Solar Prize Award ceremony took place in Rome.2 The recipients were celebrated at a festive gathering including the presentation of the coveted trophy. Fr. Tonino Pasolini, the director of Radio Pacis, received the award on behalf of the station. There were eight winners in eight different categories. In the category “One-World Co-operation“: the solar prize was given to Radio Pacis based in Uganda for their photovoltaic plant reducing operational costs and promoting solar energy in rural Uganda. The other winners were from Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the UK.


Gift of DKA (Dreikonigsaktion) on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of broadcasting.

image (1)Happy Birthday, Radio Pacis, Peace of Christ for all + another 10 years!

Gift of MIVA and BBM Austria on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of broadcasting.

Happy Anniversary to the hardest working and most dedicated and wonderful team of Radio Pacis for its ten years of service as a community radio for the Diocese of Arua and the Archdiocese of Gulu, Uganda. Best wishes and thanks for your great work!

USAID/SAFE and Uganda Radio Network (URN)

image (16)In January 2014, Radio Pacis was selected as a model radio station in a partnership with USAID/SAFE and Uganda Radio Network (URN) regarding the Promotion of Conflict Sensitive Journalism through Radio. The overall aim being: to promote an empowering culture that sustains peace-building at the regional and community levels in Uganda through an integrated media strategy applying conflictimage (3) sensitive approaches. Through the partnership Radio Pacis received training and mentoring in conflict-sensitive journalism and monthly financial support to facilitate the production of the Radio Pacis program called Peace is Possible. Radio Pacis was recognized as the Best Performing Radio Station in promoting Conflict-Sensitive Journalism in Uganda for 2014. The award was presented to the station in December 2014.


Uganda National Journalism Awards 2013

ACME (African Centre for Media Excellence)

The first ever Uganda National Journalism Awards were an initiative of the African Centre for Media Excellence with support from the Dutch international development organization Hivos.

The awards are intended to recognize and promote excellence in reporting and to inspire quality journalism in Uganda.

The competition was open to all journalists, full-time and freelance, working in Uganda. Any work published or broadcast between January and December 2013 was eligible for the awards.

In April 2014, the shortlist of finalists were announced. Radio Pacis journalist Ojok Emmanuel was awarded first place in the category of local reporting.

Ojok received a large cash prize and a trophy. He and another Radio Pacis journalist, Hafiz Bakhit, also took runner-up prizes in the environment category.


The Population Secretariat recognizes Radio Pacis Reporter

The PopAdrapi awardulation Secretariat has again recognized another good product of Radio Pacis, through a news story submitted by Gabriel Adrapi. The prizes were given in recognition of media practitioners who excel in reporting population issues. Adrapi participated in the 2012 contest and was chosen by the panel of judges as the winner for the up-country radio category. In the contest, each reporter was to send 5 stories each for 5 minutes. Adrapi’s piece was about reproductive health challenges among the youth in West Nile. Adrapi says it is rare for people to talk about such issues in the families because the perception is that, it is obscene to mention the word sex and yet the youth have a lot of sexual and reproductive challenges. The report focused on the adolescents who suffer with some of the challenges especially during menstrual periods and body changes like voice quality. The feature was first broadcast on Radio Pacis. In addition to a trophy, Adrapi received an IPAD. This is the second time he is being recognized for reporting on population issue. In 2011, he awarded with a trophy and laptop for a similar contest. Gabriel Adrapi started as a communication secretary for Ediofe Parish in 2003 was later selected to be full time employee of Radio Pacis.


Population and Development Annual Media Awards

In October 2011, Adrapi Gabriel scooped a laptop computer as the prize in the Population and Development Annual Media Awards (Radio-Upcountry category) sponsored by the Population Secretariat (POPSEC) of the Uganda Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development.

Radio for Peacebuilding Africa Awards

A Radio Pacis journalist, Ojok Emmanuel, won the first prize in the category of Jury’s Special Award in the Radio for Peacebuilding Africa Awards 2011. His entry was one of the programs of Radio Pacis called Let’s Talk Peace; it concerned an issue of pastoralist conflict. Ojok received an all-expenses-paid trip to Kigali, Rwanda to receive his award. He collected €500 and a digital recorder. The contest was open to all African radio broadcasters. The RFPA Awards particularly celebrate radio programs that help to reduce group and community tensions; that enhance and give value to shared interests; that break down listener stereotypes; and that provide positive role models.

Guinness Football Challenge

A sports journalist and senior presenter from Radio Pacis, Ogua Patrick, twice won sports knowledge contests. In June, he teamed up with a journalist from Arua One radio station for the GUINNESS FOOTBALL CHALLENGE that had UGX 20 million as the top prize. He not only won a place in the contest but was also given an all-expenses-paid trip to South Africa to record the television contest. Some months later he entered the contest again and won the top spot; he was again flown to South Africa to compete with the winners from other countries. The trips to South Africa were learning experiences and the cash prizes incentives to strive for excellence in sports reporting. His television appearances broadened his knowledge of the broadcasting industry.


ANPPCAN Uganda Chapter Award

The Uganda Chapter of African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN) presented Radio Pacis with an award for the outstanding role the radio station played in the fight against child abuse and neglect. On 22 April 2010, Mr. Omeda Gilbert, the program officer of the Arua Branch Office, presented the management with the award. Radio Pacis continues to collaborate with ANPPCAN in protecting the children and securing the future.


Africa Media Leadership Conference

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and Rhodes University’s Sol Plaatje Institute for Media Leadership sponsors an Africa Media Leadership Conference each year. The 2009 conference was held October 4-7 in Accra, Ghana. From across Africa, 60 media leaders were chosen to participate. One of those chosen was Radio Pacis station manager, Sherry Meyer. Another opportunity for Radio Pacis to grow with African counterparts across the continent!

Uganda Media Development Foundation

UMDF is a partner organization of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS). For the last 14 years, KAS and UMDF have been conducting training programmes for journalists in different parts of Uganda. Together with KAS, UMDF has trained regional media networks on a number of reporting and media management areas. In July 2009, Radio Pacis sent three participants (Ojok Emmanuel, Achan Irene and Anguyo Kizito) to a week-long training in “Promoting Peace Journalism in Uganda through Radio”, which targeted radio presenters and journalists with an objective of improving peace reporting and programming. Based on the performance of our participants and the performance of our radio in the region, Radio Pacis was selected as the one radio station from our region for additional training. Radio Pacis received one full year of on-site training in peace journalism. A mentor was at station for 3 days every 3 months starting in January.

International Children’s Day of Broadcasting: Second Place in Creativity March 2009

UNICEF International Day of Children’s Broadcasting

Radio Pacis participated in the International Day of Broadcasting with its Amazing Life programs. Those media houses who participate are part of a competition. Radio Pacis entered the competition in several categories with a variety of our children’s programming. Radio Pacis won a national award for creativity in children’s broadcasting.


BBC World Service Trust

In a country-wide competition, the BBC World Service Trust selected six radios in Uganda for a capacity-building project in reporting local governance issues and human rights. Radio Pacis was selected and received €20,000 worth of broadcasting equipment and benefitted from several months of training by an on-site mentor.

Advertised in the New Vision newspaper, Radio Pacis answered the call for applications for this project in January 2009. In February 2009, Radio Pacis was shortlisted among ten finalists and was visited by BBC WST officials. Funded by the European Union, the media capacity building project was entitled “Strengthening Democracy through Media in Rural Uganda.” Under this project, the BBC WST carried out research and provided training in basic production and reporting skills. The outcome of this engagement was capacity-building of six radio stations, which supplied them with equipment and training in political reporting, program making and financial sustainability.

According to the BBC WST, stations were chosen on the basis of the ability, capacity, and willingness of the station’s management, staff and infrastructure. The success of this project was measured in two ways: the project terms of reference; and the improvement of the station, such as an increase in listenership, coverage, professionalism and revenue generated (advertising market share) that will be directly attributed to this project.

For one year and a half Radio Pacis was in partnership with the BBC World Service Trust in this project designed to increase the capacity of select FM radio stations in Uganda. The particular focus was interactive radio programming that maximized audience participation on topics related to good governance and human rights. Over the course of the project Radio Pacis received equipment worth more than €20,000. Obviously, these computers, recorders, microphones, headphones and other broadcasting equipment is a tremendous help to the struggling budget concerns. But equally important was the training component of the project. The mentor throughout the project was Patricia Oyella is a television journalist from a Kampala station. She spent one week every month at Radio Pacis running mini-workshops and tutoring the presenter and producer of the weekly talk show West Nile We Want. Her efforts culminated in the show being broadcast live from a health centre in a rural village on December 12, 2009. Patricia worked with the entire staff and brought about many improvements in the news room. The news department added daily story meetings to their weekly editorial meetings. Radio Pacis journalists participated in a training course via the internet and several workshops on media ethics, interview skills, and production techniques.

Patricia was under the direction of a BBC WST international trainer from Canada, Rachael Borlase. Patricia and Rachael did a one-week training with the parish communication secretaries in November 2009. They also did a two-day training with local leaders; the workshop was designed to increase their skills in using media like Radio Pacis. Another trainer was in Arua for two days for a workshop with our marketing department and finance department. Certainly, Radio Pacis has grown through these training opportunities.

When the project ended Radio Pacis was been selected for a second phase. The chief news editor, Ernest Acidri, was chosen for a special week-long training in Kampala the first week of May 2010. At the awards ceremony in Kampala on April 26, 2010 Radio Pacis received two awards. The first award was given to the management team for excellence in administration; the trophy from BBC WST says “Most Supportive Management Award.” In presenting the award, the good relation between staff and management, the teamwork of all managers and excellent organization of the station was noted.

Even more exciting, of all of the reporters in all six radio stations throughout Uganda who participated in this project, a reporter from Radio Pacis was given a trophy for “Most Improved Reporter”. Gabriel Adrapi received the trophy and a lap top computer from the BBC WST at the awards ceremony in Kampala. Gabriel has been with Radio Pacis since before our first broadcast. He began as a volunteer communication secretary from his parish in November 2003 and after some years of service was hired as a full-time reporter for the station in October 2006.

The listeners around the Arua Diocese Media Centre and the entire staff shared in the excitement of these awards. Through interviews by phone from Kampala and the news was broadcast throughout the region. The following day as the award winners arrived by car from Kampala, motorcyclists and vehicles full of staff escorted the car from a few kilometers outside of town by. Loudspeakers broadcast Radio Pacis theme songs and cheering crowds gathered by the roadside to watch the motorcade and cheer their Radio Pacis heroes who brought fame to Arua!


BBC Award

The BBC World Service sponsored a competition celebrating the excellence of English language radio journalism in Africa. In December 2006, Radio Pacis submitted an entry in the category of New Radio Station of the Year; Radio Pacis was named the winner in that category for the eastern region of Africa in February 2007. As the regional winner, Radio Pacis was judged with the other regional winners to determine the pan-African winners. These final winners were announced at an awards ceremony in Nairobi, Kenya on 26 May 2007. Radio Pacis won! The judges selected Radio Pacis as the Best New Radio Station of the Year in all of Africa! Besides the trophy and the great honor, the station received $5000 worth of equipment of the radio’s choice. Five members of the staff had the privilege to be present in Nairobi for the awards ceremony: Fr. Tonino Pasolini, the director; Ms. Sherry Meyer, the station manager; Mr. Anecho Sam, the program manager; Mr. Dranibo Felix, the assistant news editor; and Mr. Driliga George, the assistant program manager. On Friday evening, 25 May, these five participated in the live broadcast of the BBC program “World Have Your Say” with host Ros Atkins; the program also was relayed live from Radio Pacis.



SIGNIS prize for the best presentation at a Media Exhibition during the AMECEA Plenary Assembly in Kampala 2005. In June 2005, SIGNIS-Africa held its Assembly in Kampala just before the AMECEA Bishops’ Conferences plenary (AMECEA region comprises 8 countries). SIGNIS organized an exposition of the media activities in the region for the bishops. SIGNIS wanted to give the AMECEA bishops a dynamic display of the capability of Catholic media. RADIO PACIS was awarded the first prize in that exposition.


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