todayMay 18, 2024

By Morish Dramadri


Local Economic Development and Investment committees of Arua city and district have been urged to prioritize investment and redefine their investment plans in order to improve on the local revenue and developments.

Currently, Uganda’s local government budgets are largely financed through domestic revenue and is expected to fund a projected budget of Shs28.9 trillion of 2024/25 financial year budget.

During a two day training in Arua district, Emmanuel Kayia a consultant at Uganda Investment Authority advised the two local governments of Arua city and district to desist from focusing on foreign investors only. “The few investments you have, take care of them expand and reinvest rather than chasing those in China. It is these existing businesses if we support and don’t suffocate them they will give birth to other businesses, investors are not by color”. Emmanuel said.

Similarly, Musinguzi Leonard the local Economic Development department team leader at ministry of local government beseeched the committees to embrace use of data on their websites to attract investors. “We need to embrace data, we need to have a situation where on our websites as a district we need to have a lot of data that is going to inform people who are willing to come and invest here. Do not only target those big people even people who are low investors can come because of the data they saw on your websites”, Musinguzi implored.

Meanwhile Abalo Charles the chief facilitator called upon local governments to work in unison with the private sector. “Bring the private sector on board lets break that barrier of we are public we are private. Let’s work together to send away the mistrust that exist, let them see that you are actually working in their interest”, Abalo pleaded.

Arua district chief administrative officer Nicholas Ogwang however pledged full support for the committee to ensure investments in the area. “This is critical thinking which has been ignited in us this is a wakeup call in education, in community development and in all areas resources are not there, we have started to walk the talk let us continue walking until we take it to another level”, Ogwang admitted.

COVER PHOTO: Arua city and district leaders in a group photo with officials from Uganda Investment Authority and Ministry of Local government By Morish Dramadri

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