todayJune 3, 2024

By Morish Dramadri

Graduate teachers from National Teachers’ College, NTC Muni have been tasked to be transformers and role models in their society and continue struggling to achieve their dreams by embracing further studies.

Among the 1250 graduates who graduated on Friday May 31st 2024, 808 were awarded diploma in education secondary, and 442 attained diploma in education primary mainly in the disciplines of sciences, Arts and Humanities, with 3 quarter of the graduates obtaining distinctions qualifying them for government scholarships.

Aliwaru Daisy Philliam the principal of NTC Muni disclosed that teaching is a call not a choice. “To be a teacher is a call it needs a lot of passion, you are a key change agent to the society so go and venture into the world with positive energy, self-confidence and resolve to achieve your dreams and live a life you have always imagined,” Daisy pointed.

Equally, Lugumba Ketra the representative of the National College Governing Council implored the newly graduated teachers to stay true to their values and be focused. “Just know that you have the power to shape your destiny and create a better future, believe in yourself, stay true to your values and never lose sight to your dreams,” Ketra entreated. 

While presiding over the 9th graduation at the college on Friday, Prof. Elly Katunguka the vice chancellor of Kyambogo University dared the grandaunts not to betray the confidence the society has in teachers but rather touch lives in the society. “Continue having the thirst for upgrading continue increasing your qualifications that will also increase your competitiveness in the job market,” Prof. added.

Uganda’s Education sector is currently undergoing vigorous policy transformation requiring the teachers to hold at least bachelors’ degree as the minimum qualification as enshrined in the National Teacher policy 2019.

COVER PHOTO: Kyambogo University V.C Elly Katunguka (left), Eng. Joseph Kikomeko (centre) the commissioner for teacher education and training at MOES during the 9th graduation By Morish Dramadri

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