todayJune 7, 2024

By Anslem Ojaru

Uganda Revenue Authority has advised the   business community in Arua city to be transparency and report any inappropriate behavior of their staff.
 This was during the stakeholder’s engagement on Thursday 6th June 2024 in Arua city where URA unveiled their plan of improving their services to their clients through staff compliance and integrity

According to URA, Integrity is when the people systems and the process work as promised in the client value composition and in the employee value composition.

The engagement aimed at discussing pertinent matters and challenges that the business community is facing in matters related to integrity compliance and ethics. Double taxation, corruption, over taxation fake assessments were some of the concerns that the business community raised

Asianzu one of the tax payer in Arua city urged the URA authority to improve on their customer careWhen these people come for assessment they are never friendly they come in groups they are gloomy, they are authoritative, we have corruption issues so why don’t you sweep your house before you come and sweep us who are outside, how about you go back to the drawing board revise your tax law we create awareness sessions we teach people not you walking in my shop saying am supposed to pay this tax”, Asianzu said.

James Kamara the manager of Uganda Revenue Authority says clients sometimes are the perpetuators of these crimes he further cautions the taxpayers against fraud and bribery in the URA system.We realized that this is a two way thing now going forward we are looking at the person who provides bribe and the receiver are all culpable we have had were companies have been suspended for fraud in our aim to improve our integrity we will also increase the punishment on both sides”, Kamara emphasized.   

According to URA staff compliance is aimed at providing services both internally and externally through patriotism integrity and ethics.

COVER PHOTO: Stakeholders listening to presentation from URA By Anslem Ojaru

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