todayJune 14, 2024

By Proscovia Achomo and Zziwa Derrick

Gulu City.

Learners from secondary schools and tertiary institutions across Gulu city are undergoing a patriotism training course as part of the efforts to change the mindset of the youth to take part in nation building.

The one-week training that started on Monday 10th, June 2024 will end today on Friday 14th, June 2024 with over one thousand trainees expected to be passed out at Kaunda Grounds in Gulu City.

Kamba Amiri, the deputy resident city commissioner for bardege layibi division in Gulu city revealed that the training started last term and is a nationwide program for all students of senior and senior five, adding that the training is mandatory, compulsory and it is  a must for senior and senior five students in Uganda.

He added that these students are trained to serve with love, loyalty and with sacrifice which are the core values of patriotism. "There is need to train the young youth to train more young people on patriotism to change their mindset towards Uganda and it is the duty of all abled citizens to undergo military training for the defense of this country and protection of the territorial integrity of Uganda whenever called upon to do so as every citizen of this country enjoys and exercises their rights and freedoms and have the duty to be patriotic and loyal to this country’’, He said.

The Deputy resident city commissioner for Bardege Layibi division, Kamba Amiri addressing the learners during the training.

Viola Lamwaka, a participant from St Joseph’s Technical School said that the patriotism camp has been a thrilling experience with lessons on persistence, perseverance, resilience, and self-defense.

Ronald Opiyo another student revealed that, he got trained on patriotism for almost two years and passed out as an instructor for Gulu city. "I started as a commander and was later passed out as an instructor last year and now am training my fellow students’’ He remarked.

Griffin Oloya Oryem, a trainer says that the trainees will acquire hands-on skills that can enable them to earn a living. "Loving, serving and sacrificing and loyalty are very important for professional, career and national development because these students are going to become leaders tomorrow, engineers, lawyers and we need them to understand that they have to serve and have a commitment to serve’’ He explained.

The National schools Patriotism Corps is a presidential initiative launched by President Yoweri Museveni in 2009 with the ultimate goal to produce “a new breed of enlightened population committed and devoted to national causes, and have the love for the country.”

Over the years NSPC has trained over three hundred thousand (300,000) students and youths, and have established over 4,000 patriotic Clubs in secondary and Tertiary institutions in Uganda. The target is to train over 1,500,000 secondary school students and their teachers, 6,000 students in UTCs and NTCs, and over 84000 in universities and other tertiary institutions of learning.

The strategic directives and guidelines issued by President Museveni on June 23, 2016 that gives the NSPC mandate to work with other MDAs to train over 10 million youth outside school in the next five years.

COVER PHOTO: Some learners of St. Joseph`s technical school during morning parade. By Proscovia Achomo and Zziwa Derrick

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