todayJuly 9, 2024

By Stephen Odong

Gulu City

The UPDF recruitment exercise for Acholi subregion comprising of West Acholi and East Acholi concluded well with a total of 317 UPDF recruits.
The exercise for West Acholi had the districts of Omoro producing 35 recruits, Gulu city with 38 successful recruits, Gulu district pulled 14, meanwhile Nwoya district had 30 recruits, Amuru district managed to send 27 recruits and Adjumani district was able to give 40 recruits making a total of 184 UPDF recruits for West Acholi.

On the other hand, East Acholi that consists of the districts of Kitgum, Lamwo, Pader and Agago produced a total of 133 UPDF recruits, where, Kitgum district sent 39 recruits, Lamwo with 25, Agago giving 44 and Pader with 35.

The UPDF 4th Infantry Division Public information officer/Team Six Public information Officer for West and East Acholi, Cpt. Kato Ahmad Hassan confirmed that the exercise generally went on well in spite of a few incidences recorded such as poor health of some the candidates, lack of proper identification, and forged academic documents. “Our recruitment exercise largely okay, apart from some of the things we told you, like some candidates being denied the opportunity on health grounds, not having some vital documents like national Ids, residential Ids, or their former school Ids and others forging academic papers”, he remarked.

Candidates taking part in road run before going for vigorous medical examinations.

The resident City Commissioner for Gulu, Mrs. Jean Francis Okilli Amongin encouraged those who missed the opportunity to join UPDF this time round not to lose hope but rather to wait patiently for some other opportunities to come next time.

One of the candidates found with forged academic papers, boarding police vehicle for him to be taken to Gulu central police station for questioning
COVER PHOTO: Candidates being checked by UPDF medical team at Peace War memorial stadium in Gulu City By Stephen Odong

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