KIU students pilot regional health camp amid medical supply challenges

todayJanuary 4, 2023

By Abedican Godwin


West Nile students association of Kampala international university western campus medical union are piloting a regional health camp for West Nile starting with Terego district. The camp organized by the students in partnership with the district woman Member of Parliament Hon. Rose Obiga will focus on addressing reproductive health challenges and needs across the district targeting women in the reproductive age between 15 and 50 years since its one of the major challenges the district has been facing across the health centers.

While launching camp at the district headquarters on Monday 2nd January 2022, with in charges from the different health centers across the district, the district leaders appealed for a collaborated effort if the reproductive health treatment and handling challenges in the district are to be managed.
Maturu Joyce a nurse from Bura HCII in Terego district notes that as staff at the various health centers, they are overwhelmed and face a great challenge of medical supply and poor health seeking behaviors by the population especially themen. “Men do not turn up for treatments and this leads to a continuous cycle of treatment for some sexually transmitted diseases since the women go back to their men after getting treatment and end up contacting the same diseases” Maturu added.

According to her,  this camp will bring a relief to the staff I the different health facilities across the district because clients will be able get treatment since they always face delays in delivery of supplies which are supposed to be delivered every two months.
“Right now we don’t have most of the drugs. The clients keep coming when there are no drugs at east this time they will be treated and this camp will relieve us and allow us to attend to other clients and patients. Whenever they come when there are no drugs we always write for them to go and buy but since they cannot afford most of them decide to wait for months to receive what comes from the government.” Said Maturu
Daniel Ayiba the  chairperson West Nile students association Kampala International University Western Campus says such things come with challenges which they are anticipating adding it won’t stop them from implementing their plans. “The reason why we came with this medical camp is we saw there are a lot of gaps in reproductive health services in Terego and the region of West Nile. Though we drew a budget of 100 percent, the supplies whish are there may be around 80 percent and many people may come so this is a major challenge we may face during the camp” Ayiba narrated. Amandi Simon Ongua the District health officer Terego stressing that the people in the district have poor mindset about seeking treatment which affects health service delivery at health centers

In his submission Wilfred Saka, the district chairperson says the supply challenges have forced them to pick only some few health centers from which the medical camps will be held.

The woman member of parliament for Terego district Hon. Rose Obiga appeals for commitment during the health camp. “I have bought for you some equipment that will be used during the camp. At least after the camp you will have some of the supplies remaining that will help you in offering services after the medical camp,” she told the respective health center in charges.

The medical camp set to commence on 3rd of January 2023 till 8th January 2023 will have a team of 45 members from KIU deployed across the health centers working with the health center staff on each of the days for the medical camp. The health teams will be in 18 heath facilities across the district, starting at Omugo HC IV, Ocia H/C III and Omugo extension H/C III on Tuesday January 3rd, on January 4th they will be at Odupi HC III, Yinga HC III and Siripi HC III. On January 5th the team will be at Cilio H/C III, Aripea H/C III, Kamuyo H/C II, Ogua H/C II, as on January 6th the team will be at Oriajini hospital, Wandi H/C III and Itia H/C II while on January 7th the team will be at Biliafe H/C III, Uriama H/C II and Andelizo H/C II.  The medical camp will be winded up on January 8th at St. Francis Ocodri H/C III, Tuku H/C III and Nicu H/C II

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