todayJune 7, 2024

By Morish Dramadri

Arua city.

The police of Arua central division are holding 19 protesting loaders and brokers from Lobida Sudanese fish market on allegations of moving with dangerous weapons in public places.

The 19 including a woman were arrested on Wednesday after at Arua city mayor’s garden in a scuffle that ensued between the police and brokers and loader protesting an attempted arrest of two brokers from Lobida Sudanese fish market accused of assaulting a South Sudanese trader recently.

West Nile police spokesperson SSP. Josephine Angucia confirms the arrest. “The O.C operation Arua central police division and the team moved to Lobida market in Arua central to effect arrest of some suspects who allegedly grievously assaulted some South Sudanese particularly the fishmongers healing from South Sudan after disagreeing over payment. Team of officers moved their they tried to arrest two of the brokers however a group of brokers and loaders mobilized themselves very quickly and prevented the officers from proceeding with the two suspects to the police station. The group organized themselves with pangas, knives, big sticks, bricks and followed police towards Arua CPS, according police moved to the Mayor’s garden firing tear gas and bullets to disperse the brokers and arrested 19 of them,” SSP. Angucia confirmed.  

Late last month, a section of brokers and loaders from Lobida market destroyed the market and stormed the office of the central division town clerk inflicting injuries on him and this prompted the Sudanese fish traders to close their business after allegedly losing about 40 million shillings in the row. This according to Angucia raised the eyebrows of the political leaders to demand immediate police action which later turned into a scuffle.

COVER PHOTO: West Nile regional police spokesperson SSP. Josephine Angucia speaking to the media By Morish Dramadri

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