todayMay 24, 2023

By Kaleb Yiiki


Christians in Nyio parish in Arua diocese will leave to remember the 2023 world communication Sunday after Radio Pacis engaged them in various games and fun activities to climax the day. The communication Sunday celebrations at Nyio Parish ended up with several games played between Radio Pacis Staff and the community members. Among the Games played included: Egg race, Tug of war, the Corn hole, Netball and Football.

In netball, Nyio team tussled it out with the Radio Pacis Team where, Nyio netball Team Lost with goal difference of 16 -20. Doreen Liberia the shooter for Netball Team of Radio Pacis says in the First half, the Game was very tough on their side because, the Radio Pacis Netball team was not settled in the Pitch, they made some errors. However they mitigated these errors by doing the right substitutions in the second Half of the Game that gave rise to their winning in a goal difference of four goals. “We as the Shooters made sure that every ball that reached us was scored.” She narrates.

Never Annet the Captain of Netball team for Nyio Parish says that their Netball team blundered when they erroneously substituted their best Center Girl. “I learnt that the game was to make friends between radio Pacis and Nyio Parishioners”. She recollects.
Meanwhile In Football, Radio Pacis played nil to nil draw game until in second half when Radio Pacis Lost to Nyio Team 1-0. Monsignor Charles Idraku, during the flag-off of the Football Game at Nyio Grounds said that the members of the two team players should play the game friendly. He also cautioned them not to hurt each other while playing the match but to play with the aim of showing their football playing skills and also to develop their skills. ”Soccer is a game of relationship and a game of building team work together.” He recommended.

Ishmael Ayikobua, the Football Team Captain for Radio Pacis says according to him, Radio Pacis team played better than a performing Football Team they met on the Pitch. He continued that it was a fair game though they knew that they were going to play a team belonging to a football club playing the FUFA Fifth league. ”We only lacked opportunity that we could not convert to scores, but in defense and midfield, we were organized”. He approved. On the other hand, Godfrey Okuonzi, the Team Captain for Nyio Parish football team revels that before his Team played with Radio Pacis, they had earlier on played two football matches in the Morning and the match with Radio Pacis was the third match of the day. “We were determined that we shall win the match”. He boosted.

However, Swabir Habib as known as SUSO, the Sports presenter at Radio Pacis observed that Radio Pacis needed to organize the Midfield because the Midfield for Radio Pacis was disjointed that is why the Nyio Team utilized the spaces created to score. “I think if radio Pacis Team can customize on those going forward in the next match so to say, we can do better.” He Advised.

In Tug of war also known as Rope Pulling, the muscular Nyio Men overpowered the Radio Pacis Team in the two rounds, whereas Radio Pacis Team won the Corn Hole Game, under the Charismatic leadership of Monsignor Fr. Charles Idraku; while in the Egg race, Pacis Team lost to Nyio team.
The day was generally wonderful as it attracted thousands of congregants who later became the spectators for the games.

COVER PHOTO: Monsignor Charles Idraku Making Football Flag off address By Kaleb Yiiki

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