todayMay 21, 2024

By Morish Dramadri


The classroom construction project at Odravu primary school in Ayivu division east awarded by Arua city to Hope Engineering and construction works is currently at 70% completion.

The two classroom and office space project at Odravu primary school is among the 8 projects contracted to different contractors by Arua city funded through DDEG on 03rd April 2024.

A visit by Radio Pacis to the site show the construction work at the roofing stage with plastering of the wall going co currently.

Tabu Habib the site manager with Hope Engineering and construction revealed that the work is 70% complete. “The real activity started on April 10th 2024 with excavation of the foundation, to me it’s currently at 70%, much of the work has been done the only complicated work remaining is just roofing, plaster has been done, there is possibility to complete within the timeline,” Tabu explained.

Established by the community as a COPE school, Odravu primary which currently has enrolment of 1,321 learners with twelve government paid teachers and two support staff operates only in 4 permanent classroom with 2 temporary structures and no staff houses.

Ann Janet Inzikuru, the head teacher of the school is optimistic that this will help accommodate the learners but appeal to the city authority to look in to the staff accommodation. “We had four classrooms yet the school is up to primary seven, now with the new one which has been brought we shall be having spacious accommodation for the learners, we don’t have staff accommodations at school, we are operating at home, after the completion of this classroom we still need more, if there are NGOs they can bring them to build for us staff houses,” Ann pleaded.

The 114,065,850 shillings Odravu primary school classroom construction project is expected to be complete in June 2024.

COVER PHOTO: The current stage of the construction work of the classroom at Odravu Primary School By Morish Dramadri

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