todayMay 24, 2023

By Joseph Abiria


Over 90 students at Adraa Agriculture College have graduated with certificates in national agriculture production and management. The students pursued 4 weeks short customised courses in apiary, poultry, piggery and vegetable growing among others.

Established in 2012, Adraa Agriculture College that runs under the stewardship of the francisan brothers has passed out over 1000 graduates since its inception. During the 7th graduation ceremony over the weekend, Gladys Drijaru one of the graduate student said she is  now fully empowered with knowledge and skills in poultry management after under going the 4 weeks training. “Since I had no much skills about poultry, I could not manage them well because I did not know what kind of management practice in terms of sicknesses and keeping poultry” she said

The main celebrant, father Africa Maxwell told the grandaunts to work extra hard and value their spiritual lives. “You’re not going to sit, you’re going to work and it’s in that work that you’re going to participate in God’s creative act”, he remarked

As an agricultural training institution, brother Charles Lagu the principal of adraa agriculture college appealed for aid and support from development partners so as to boost various sectors of the institution. “We need to teach agricultural mechanization on the basis of our practical principles of delivering the course, we can’t teach agricultural mechanization without having appropriate inputs and equipment like tractors and it’s component” he emphasized

The RDC Madi Okollo Swaib Toko encouraged the grandaunts to put into practice the skills they have acquired by creating sustainable wealth in their communities. “I want to appeal to you who have gained knowledge to put what you have learnt into practice and with agriculture I want to say if you embrace the knowledge you have acquired today into practice, you’re going to be a rich man or a rich woman” he explained

Speaking as chief guest during the function, Joan Okia the woman Member of Parliament for Madi Okollo district commended Adraa Agriculture College for going an extra mile in providing start up kits to their grandaunts. “They have trained you but they are going to give you something to start with so that you become self-reliant, and that is very very important” she remarked

COVER PHOTO: Graduate Students Displaying Certificates By Joseph Abiria

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