Obongi Grapples with Insecurity Threats,

todayOctober 3, 2022

By Simon Onziga

The Business community in Obongi town council in Obongi district blames the security operatives over the persistent robbery of their merchandise. Over 12 shops in Obongi town were broken into by thugs on the night of Monday 26th September 2022.

Agele Rashul, a business operator who lost over seven million shillings stock to the robbers expected the police to have intervened. Agele said he had old stock of clothing amounting to five million three hundred thousand shillings in the house and a stock new stock of three million five hundred shillings that arrived the night they were robbed. “I just kept the clothes un touched coz I was already night and I planned to open the box the following day only to realize the door was open in the morning and I was left with hangers for putting up the clothes”. Agele Narrated.

Meanwhile, Fungaro Kaps Hassan, former legislator for Obongi Constituency blames the police for not intervening to save the merchandize of the traders at their proximity. According to Fungaro, the presence of the community in town would prevent thugs from breaking in to the business premises just like the same community saved Moyo Multipurpose SACCO Obongi brunch some years back and handed a thief to the police.

However, the North Western regional police spokesperson Ignatius Dragudu refuted the allegation of imposed curfew by the police. “The population in Obongi town does not differentiate patrols from Curfews thinking the police patrols are considered by the community as curfews making them to misunderstand the police mandate”. Dragudu added.

The business community is proposing to defy the security directive to leave the town by 8pm at the expense of their property.

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