Health Experts call Parents to Maintain Hygiene of their Children.

todayFebruary 6, 2023

By Sunday Amandi.

Parents are called upon to maintain the hygiene of their children to prevent bacterial infections, as cases of these infections are increasing among the children.According to medical experts, bacterial infections in children are becoming more common than the cases of malaria, but parents instead treat their children of malaria when they are having bacterial infections.

Scholar Ajibaru,a clinical officer at Ediofe health center iii, calls upon the parents to take their sick children to the health facilities for better management, instead of giving them medicine without guidance from medical personel,
”Even cases of bacterial infections are more common than malaria cases among the children these days, but mothers always think its malaria when a child is sick with bacterial infection, so it’s always good to take a sick child to the health facility to ascertain the cause of sickness,”Ajibaru noted.
Doris Drateru, one of the mothers at the facility encourage her fellow mothers to always consider seeking for better health care for their children when they are sick. “Mothers should take their children to the hospital or health facility when they are sick for better treatment, “said Drateru.

Jenifer Okunduyo, one of the mothers, whose child suffered from bacterial infection say, she decided to take the child to the health facility because they offer good health care,Bacterial infections are majorly caused by lack of proper hygiene, and if precautionary measures can be taken, these infections can be reduced, or prevented.

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