“I was determined to pass”, West Nile’s best performing UCE candidate

todayAugust 11, 2021

By Sabir Musa

West Nile region’s best candidate in the recently released 2020 Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) examinations has attributed the success to his focus and determination and the joint support received from parents and school administration.
The 17-year-old Sukuru Yassin Daud, a student at Arua Secondary School emerged the best candidate in West Nile after obtaining aggregate nine in the 2020 UCE exams.
“My success was hard earned. Determination is what kept me moving. I would forego some things just to focus on studies. And also the help rendered to me by my teachers and parents”, he said.
The school administration offered Sukuru a bursary to study from senior one until this year when he sat for exams. This was as result of his good performance which the administration identified three years ago.
“We had a very strong conviction that this boy would make us proud. Talent identification is what is lacking in some schools. When you discover that a learner can do well but lacks finances, you pull him or her up because at the end the name of the school will be heard from all corners of the world for producing the best. Unfortunately a number of schools mind of money first and you end up losing the gem if someone cannot afford the requirements there”, the school head teacher Rashid Anguzu said.
Sukuru’s father, Yassin Abdujabar is hopeful that the son will achieve his dream job of becoming a Medical doctor.
He says, this result was made possible due to cooperation between administration of the school and them (as parents).
Although Sukuru registers the best result in West Nile region, the school Head teacher, Rashid Anguzu is not surprised; he believes that such results are possible if all the stakeholders play their part.
“It is not enough to think that the best performing schools are in Kampala or other parts of the country, we can build our Kampala from West Nile here because the same thing being taught in Kampala is what we have here”, he said.
The candidate obtained a distinction one in all the science subjects, with credit five in English. He hopes to pursue the combination of Physics, Chemistry and Biology in the Advanced-level.

COVER PHOTO: Sukuru Yassin Daud (C) celebrating the UCE 2020 result with his parents at their home in Arua City. Photo by Sabir Musa.

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