Improve the Welfare of Local Government Leaders Koboko District Out Gone Chairperson to Government

todayMay 20, 2021

By Ronald Acema


The out gone District Chairperson Koboko Hassan Gyinya Saidi has petitioned the Central Government to improve the well fate of the Local leaders in across the District if the Quality of Service Delivery within Local Governments is to improve.

Making his last speech as the District Chairman Koboko District during the Swearing in of the new District Council Leaders on may 19 2021 Hon. Gyinya Saidi observed that, the the local Population within the Communities have unrealistic expectations from the local leaders which undermines their efforts to serve their voters diligently.

Lobule Sub county Councillor and Secretary for Social Services Koboko District Isaac Todoko says,the Local Population should be sensitised to understand the role of the Councillor as Voluntary in nature.

Abuku Subcounty Councillor and Secretary for Production and Natural resources Samanya Dramiga acknowledges that, Delivering services to the Population is the Local Government.

Koboko District RDC Dr. Sazir Mayanja Nsubuga has called upon the local Population in the District to impress and implement Government Programs so as to be economically empowered.

The ordinary Councillors in Koboko District recieves an emolument of less than 250.000 as a take home however the fact that the District is challenged with low local revenue base makes it difficult for them to review this emolument timely as they are entitled for 20% of their local revenue according to the local Government act.


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