Koboko District Chairman Appointments New Executive Members

todayMay 20, 2021

By Ronald Acema


The District Chairperson of Koboko Hon Mambo Ashraf has unveiled the members of his Executive shortly after been sworn in as the Local Council five Chairperson of the District.

According to the Appointments presented to the August house during the first session of the Fourth Council on Wednesday 19 may 2021, Hon. Muki Francis Maxwell, the Councillor representing Oraba Town Council will be the District Vice Chairperson as well as Secretary for Finance and Economic Development,While Hon. Atayi Mary the female Councillor representing Workers is appointed the Secretary for Community Services and Hon. Todoko Isaac the Councillor representing Lobule Subcounty is appointed the Secretary for Social Services where as Hon Dramiga Samanya the former District Vice Chairperson who doubled as the Secretary for Finance at the same time the Councillor representing Abuku Subcounty is moved as the Secretary for Production and Natural resources and the District Chairperson has appointed himself the Secretary for Works and Technical Services.

The District Chairman has warmed the Executive Members against disappointing him by failing to serve the voters diligently.

Hon Juma Mawa the Councillor representing Dranya Subcounty expects that, these appointments by the District Chairperson should help to improve the quality of service Delivery in Koboko District Local Government.

Hassan Noah a voter in the District is satisfied with the nature of the appointments by the District Chairperson given the fact that, both the first timers in the council and those who were in the previous Council were given Executive Positions.

To Honourable Todoko Isaac who is appointed Secretary for Services, this new role requires support from Technocrats to be successful.

However, the Female Councillor representing Midia Subcounty Hon. Jamila Akadru fears that, the inadequate number of women in the executive positions could hinder the implementation of Affirmative action.

The Councillors equally elected Hon. Akim Charles the Councillor representing South Division as the Council speaker and Hon Andabati Richard Baker representing Keri Town Council as the Deputy speaker of Koboko District Council.


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